Pricing Plan for Quran Onlien TutionThe holy Quran is more than just a book that tells the story of how the world was made and tells Muslims how to live their lives. It also guides and protects the Arabic language, which was the language Allah used to tell the Prophet Muhammad what He knew.
Muslims who study the Quran can learn not only more about the Arabic language but also more about the text’s meaning and subtleties.
It is best to read the Quran out loud. To do this right, you need to know about Tajweed, which is about how to say Arabic words in the right way. (Tajweed is Arabic for “to make better.”) When you learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed pronunciation, you will be able to say the words correctly.

Tajweed is more than just knowing how to speak with an accent or a dialect. Basic rules for Tajweed include making sure your words are clear, saying the syllables at the right time, and knowing how a single letter can change the way a word is said. By better understanding and respecting God’s words, Tajweed will also help you have a stronger faith and feel more connected to Him.


How to Read the Quran Correctly

What are the rules of Tajweed?
First, the Quran should be read with full attention, belief, and the knowledge that the words are from God and not from people. The point is to realize that every message you recite is meant just for you.
The rules for Tajweed show how to read and say the Quran. Among these rules are:
Before you read the Quran, you should do wudu, which is a ceremony to clean your body and make sure your clothes and the area around you are clean.
• Sit with your back to the Qibla, which is the direction of Mecca’s holy building. Keep a respectful position, either on the same level as or below the Quran. Don’t talk to anyone while reading or reciting the Quran. If something important comes up, stop studying the Quran, take care of it, and then go back to studying.
• Say each letter and word in a clear, full voice.
• After reading the Quran, swear to Allah and the Prophet Muhammed that what you have read is true. You can then pray.

United Kingdom PlanThe Quran is read By using Tajweed

Tajweed is so important because when the language of the Quran is spoken correctly, it will reach people’s hearts. So, you must read carefully so you can understand what the verses mean and how to put the rules and laws into practice in your life. Without Tajweed, readers might change the meaning of a text without realizing it.
If you want to learn the rules of Tajweed, you need to know that there are two parts to Tajweed: the scientific and the practical. The scientific is a group duty that requires at least some Muslims to know the rules of Tajweed so they can teach others. The practical part includes the rules for how to read and recite the Quran so that it can be understood and communicated correctly.

Mistakes that are often made when reading the Quran

Since the Quran is Allah’s word, it is important for people to learn Arabic vowels and letters. If you use transliteration, it might not take into account some letters that look the same but are pronounced very differently. Keep in mind these other mistakes that people often make:
• Starting and stopping: A sukoon, or the lack of a vowel on the last letter of a word, is the correct way to stop. Don’t end a word with a harakah, which is a vowel on the last letter. Stopping in the wrong place can also go against what Allah meant, so make sure to stop in a place that perfectly shows what a verse means.
• Vowels that are too long or too short: Vowels are often made longer or shorter than they should be.
• Mispronouncing letters: Some letters look like letters in other languages, but their articulation points are different, so they should sound different.
If you know about Tajweed, you can be sure that you are reading the Quran correctly. Studying the Quran shows your faith and makes it stronger.

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