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One of the best online Quran academies is Kanzol Quran Online Academy. We offer the Online Quran Classes and Islamic teachings in English, Urdu, and Arabic, among other languages. Our goal is to teach people all over the world about the Quran and Sunnah and to give those who can’t afford it a good education. We will teach the Quran to everyone, but especially to children, based on the rules of Tajweed. 

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Alhamdulillah, Kanzal Quran is a reputable best online Quran Academy that has been teaching Quran classes across the world for the past ten years. we are working 24/7 for achieving your trust and make your and your kid’s life beautiful.

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We give separate classes to each student to make it easy for them to learn Quran. A variety of exercises can help you recite well.

Professional tutors

Thanks be to Allah. All the Mail and Female teacher's of Kanzol Qur'an Online Academy are experienced and knowledgeable.Every teacher has at least ten years of experience.

Comfortable process

With the top online Quran academy there are no time constaints for learning.You can start your classes with our highly qualified teachers at any time, anywhere in the world.

High Quality education

Kanzol Quran believes in quality and student satisfaction. That's why there is no compromise in quality and standard. Most students notice a significant difference after taking the class for a week.

male female online quran teachers with tajweed.


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Our Mission

Highly Flexible and Quick Education Services.

“The Best Among You (Muslims) Are Those Who Learn the Quran and Teach It,” the Prophet (PBUH) said. Kanzol-Quran Online Quran Academy’s goal is to provide online Quran classes  instruction. Our goal is to make it possible for people to study Islam online through our institute. We currently offer our online quran classes with Rouls of tajweed services and many more to people all around the world. Everyone can use our services, and if a non-Muslim wants to learn the Quran, they are welcome to do so. The goal is to increase knowledge and comprehension of the proper way to recite the Holy Quran , which is required of us as Muslims.

male female online quran teachers with tajweed.

Our Teacher We Provide

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible guidance to improve your and your child’s education and training, so we regularly take care of how your education can be improved. Keeping this in mind, we have arranged regular male and female Quran teachers for the last 10 years.

You will be glad to know that Kanzol Qur’an Online Academy is providing you with Mail and Female teachers who are well-educated and experienced with the ability to teach with complete rules of Tajweed online quran classes and islamic studies.