Frequently Asked Question

We did our best to address your important questions, but if you have any more Questions, Please contact our helpline we’ll be happy to assist you.

Students can talk to real teachers from any computer with internet access using web-based meeting and audio/video software. By adding a personal touch to computer education, we help students learn The Holy Qur’an more effectively while giving them an online learning experience through interactive technology.

You just click “Registration” and fill out the form that comes up. We’ll call you at a time that works best for you to give you a free trial. If you like the Free Trial classes and want to keep going, you will have to pay for the Regular classes.

Yes, you can choose when and where your classes take place. We try hard to find teachers who are free at that time.

Yes, we do teach people how to read the Quran. We have made a ready-made, easier course for kids and people who are just starting out.
This course can be taken by kids as young as 4.

From what we’ve seen, 1 to 1 online Quran teaching is effective, interesting, and useful. Try your free trial session without any obligation to decide for yourself if it’s useful.

No, we also teach the basics of Islam, such as Declarations/Kalimay, Salat/Prayer, hadith, and Dua’s. We also offer classes in the Arabic language and its grammar.

The Kanzol-Quran Online Academy has a very strict rule that times must be kept. Please call us at the number given or send an email to ka*********@gm***.com. The management will take strict steps to stop this kind of trouble.

Depending on how many classes an adult takes each week, it will take them about 6 to 8 months. For kids, it depends on how smart they are and how much their parents help them.